Meth Storm: Arkansas USA

Directed by Craig Renaud and Brent Renaud

With unparalleled access on both sides of the law, METH STORM: Arkansas USA is a thrilling non-fiction cops and robbers drama told from inside the American drug war.


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  • ★★★★ review by William Lindus on Letterboxd

    SXSW 2017

    Sometimes, a documentary can shine simply based on its level of access. METH STORM: ARKANSAS USA is such a film, following a family in Arkansas for a few years as they deal with meth addiction and criminal consequences. This type of access doesn't happen by accident; the Renaud brothers have clearly cultivated a strong relationship with this family to be allowed to film the things that appear in this film.

    This documentary showcases a problem and doesn't have any solutions, but that's okay; in this case, the film is focused on highlighting the humanity of the people involved in the problem, and does so expertly.

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