If you love film, then film festivals are a special place. We love film, and we can prove it! We run GoWatchIt and Letterboxd, two of the very best sites for film on the Web.

We’ve teamed up on a brand new project, combining technology and ideas from both our sites. Film Fest Buzz highlights the best and most interesting films from leading film festivals. We want our audience of early adopters, festival-goers and film geeks to write reviews of the films they see on the festival circuit (the second they get out of the screenings!) with the hope that we can interest a wider audience in films they wouldn’t otherwise have known about. In short, we want you to know which films are generating the most film fest buzz.

Most of the films at these festivals won’t be available to watch for months afterward, but we’ve thought of that too. You can set an alert for any film that catches your fancy, and we’ll email you whenever that film is available for you to see on any platform, whether in theaters or online (starting in the USA).

We’d love to hear what you think, so please send feedback to or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

This is an experiment, and we hope you enjoy it.

—Your friends at GoWatchIt and Letterboxd