I Dream Too Much

Dora Welles is an imaginative college grad ready to experience all the excitement of life. Instead she finds herself in snowy upstate New York caring for her reclusive great aunt (who has lived a much more exciting life than anyone realizes).


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  • ★★★½ review by Smitty 🌟 on Letterboxd

    "Now I have a garden that takes up all my time."

    "It must be beautiful in the spring."

    "It's beautiful now. It's just dormant."

  • ★★★½ review by Christie on Letterboxd

    Sweet naive grad student Dora ends up visiting her unwelcoming Great Aunt during winter. As time pasts she discovers secrets about her Aunt's past and continuously wonders what her own future could be like. The film is written like a novel, and though budget is small and most actors unknown, the story is easy to follow and basic. There are moments when Dora daydreams about how her life could be more interesting but for the most part the movie is set in present time. Beautiful winter settings.

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