Directed by Abner Benaim

INVASION is a documentary about the collective memory of a country. The invasion of Panama by the U.S in 1989 serves as an excuse to explore how a people remember, transform, and often forget their past in order to re-define their identity and become who they are today.


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  • ★★★★ review by Antonio Quintero on Letterboxd

    SAW IT AT SXSW 2015

    A documentary that is very personal as I was witness to this moment in history, the 1989 US invasion of Panama. The director made the decision to not include no stock footage or picture to tell the story. This might not work for most people, but for someone that was there during the invasion this style really works. As panama has really change in the 20 + years since the invasion.

    I love that the documentary is very fair in portraying the both side the pro-dictatorship and the pro democracy side. It shows that most of the people allegiance are not exactly black and white, that people that were pro-invasion were not exactly pro-american.

  • ★★★½ review by Ryan Rosendal on Letterboxd

    This is a documentary about the US invasion of Panama in 1989 to remove Noreiga from office, told entirely from the perspective of everyday people. The result is something really fascinating and a unique look into the worldviews of various people far removed from my American upbringing.

    A number of interviewees mention that the lessons of the invasion are already being forgotten. Hopefully this documentary keeps them alive.

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