Drunktown's Finest

On a desolate Navajo reservation in New Mexico, three young people – a college-bound, devout Christian; a rebellious and angry father-to-be; and a promiscuous but gorgeous transsexual - search for love and acceptance.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Adept7777 on Letterboxd

    Probably just mostly focusing on the trans character here, but this is a really, really good movie that I enjoyed watching a lot and I'd definitely recommend it!!

    I know very little about most Native American cultures, which is definitely a large part due to not doing any research on my own at any point, although also I think it's pretty crazy how little attention was given to that going through school and even college, without having my degree focusing on that area at least. Regardless, I had no idea that Navajo culture had a third gender identity, which was really cool to learn about and also helped give a different perspective to the fairly familiar transgender narrative present with Felixia. It definitely helped show that my current perspective on all this is very U.S. based, which is not really surprising, but there's definitely many other cultures that have addressed gender differently than what white imperialism has led us to. I've got no Navajo in me, so it's not my place to say much about this, but it was very nice to see Felixia able to find a place where she's accepted as herself within her culture, even if the plans she had before didn't pan out because transphobia is very much still a thing unfortunately.

    But yeah it's a really good movie with some actual representation of modern life at reservations and also from a trans director and also an actual trans actor who went through a lot of the same things Felixia did and it's great!

  • ★★★★ review by willow on Letterboxd

    a culture we almost never get to see on film. the viewer count was upsetting to see, everyone go watch it!! character peformances were heartfelt and the story was realistically genuine. the director is coming to our film class tomorrow!!

  • ★★★★ review by Lauren on Letterboxd

    Scavenger Hunt #24 - March

    #5: A film with a transgender actor/actress staring.

    You know, what we look for and what we get aren't always the same thing.

    Grateful to this scavenger hunt for getting me to watch something I'd never have seen otherwise.

  • ★★★½ review by MaryAnn Johanson on Letterboxd

    Infuses a familiar tale of small-town life and youthful disaffection with a crisp sense of hope teased out of Navajo tradition.

    More at FlickFilosopher.com.

  • ★★★½ review by mylessauer on Letterboxd

    I don’t feel like the three storylines are as equally fleshed out as they could be, and was more intrigued by Sick Boy than the other two. But this is still a poignant piece about finding one’s place in the world, birth families and adopted families, and how marginalization can manifest in so many different ways. Quite touching.

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