Following a worldwide event known as The Reset, humanity rebuilds a society with aging mechanics where gleaming technology once stood. Surveillance now the status quo, society is slowly putting its shattered pieces back together under a watchful eye. After a friend’s suicide leaves behind a mysterious computer drive, a young computer prodigy and a shadowy hacker join together to decipher the clues that he’s left behind. The youthful creators of Jackrabbit have successfully constructed a world, which we haven’t previously seen on film. Mixing retro production design with slick storytelling, they deliver a cinematic dissonance that will result in a shock to the senses.


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  • ★★★½ review by Andrew Liverod on Letterboxd

    Pretty interesting but slightly impenetrable dystopian cyberpunk on a budget.

  • ★★★½ review by djKento on Letterboxd

    a purposefully obtuse piece of dystopian cyberpunk noir with a fierce nostalgic edge. I really liked it.

  • ★★★½ review by Christian Cable on Letterboxd

    Cool soundtrack.

  • ★★★½ review by seanmalin on Letterboxd

    Presented on the "Free Member Fridays" at the Austin Film Society, this PRIMER-like microbudget film was not my cup of tea; but it was a visual wonder and a smart, enjoyable sci-fi distraction. It did remind me just how impressed I was with PRIMER and movies like LOOPER or DISTRICT 9 that became wonderful big-budget dystopian projects. As a result, I can see Carleton Ranney, the director, moving forward to projects at those scales. I also thought his direction of the actor Reed Birney, who has a supporting role in this film, was a hoot.

  • ★★★½ review by Screen-Space on Letterboxd

    "Ranney and co-writer Destin Douglas have honoured the non-conformist stance of their protagonists and delivered a dark, thoughtful take on small-scale insurgent destabilisation..."


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