Love & Engineering

Directed by Tonislav Hristov

Starring Atanas Boev

Love & Engineering is for everyone who has experienced uncertainty, had a crush on someone or been on a date. The film asks what are our so-called “feelings” and can we can control them or not. Challenges of the dating world are approached through the perspective of male engineers: how to encounter people in the real world? The film reveals that falling in love happens in three phases and that charming your date could be just a matter of adept hacking skills!


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  • ★★★½ review by Tasha Robinson on Letterboxd

    Documentary about a group of Helsinki engineers determined to hack the entire idea of romance, via experiments touching on everything from biofeedback to body-smell analysis. The entire premise is a little cringe-worthy — the men come across as ultra-geeky, awkward variants on the PUA type, trying to socially engineer attraction while making the basic mistake of thinking that women are a strange but manipulatable species, rather than a collection of individuals. There's so much authoritative and utterly wrong-headed talk about "girls like this/girls don't like this" that they could be talking about a newly discovered element or a building material, rather than people. It's hard to watch without wanting to sit everyone involved down and gently explain that maybe the best route to finding love is to stop treating it as a scientific experiment that's always going to work the same way. Queasily fascinating, and at times very entertaining, but also a bit scattershot, with a feel-good ending that feels a bit tacked-on.

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