Story of Judas

A man ascends a barren summit. It is Judas, come to collect Jesus and carry him down the mountain on his back, joking and panting as he does so. After bathing in the river and taking part in a henna ceremony, Jesus leaves for Jerusalem. Judas is concerned for his friend’s safety, since the Roman occupiers look upon the prophet as an insurgent.


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  • ★★★½ review by Filipe Furtado on Letterboxd

    The talented French Marroccan filmmaker Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche revisits Jesus Christ story and manage some freshness mostly by presenting it from a non-western point of view and in the proccess to bring it back to a political framework (it has certainly more discussing about Roman ocuppation of Jews territory than of Jesus miracles). Ameur-Zaïmeche staging has a spare simplicity that is rather moving. The plot is old but the gaze remains sharp and full of potential subversive meaning.

  • ★★★★ review by lemmycaution40 on Letterboxd

    -Qu'est-ce que la vérité?

    - La vérité c'est d'abord tu as mal à la tête à tel point que tu songes à la mort...

  • ★★★½ review by Daniel Mendelson on Letterboxd

    L'Histoire de Judas passes over a fraught story with a very gentle touch. Everything is humanized. This is not the story of Jesus, the Son of God, nor that of Judas the Disciple. This is a movie about a Rabbi and his Friend. Perhaps that takes away it's mythic value, or diminishes it's power as an archetypal tale. I feel the opposite. L'histoire de Judas is able to put the humanity back into the archetypes, to restore them of their dignity and perhaps, through them, restore the myth as well.

  • ★★★½ review by Gaby Floresm on Letterboxd

    Español / Inglés

    "La muerte de jesús desde la versión de Judas" dice la reseña de Imdb. El director es judío 🤔.

    Ya ver una película actual y bien hecha con esta historia, es interesante.

    Porque llevamos años con versiones viejísimas en la televisión que repiten y repiten en Semana Santa.

    La ambientación, vestuario y arte es mucho más creíble que en las grandes producciones que no nos dejan una idea de cómo se vivía en aquellos entonces y en aquellos lugares. evidentemente sabe más del mundo árabe-romano en que se vive esta historia, un Julio francés que los gringos de Hollywood.

    Una peli lenta con un planteamiento interesante, quizá para algunos aburrida.


    "The death of Jesus from the version of Judas" says the IMDB review. The director is Jewish 🤔.

    I saw a well done contemprary movie and  with this story. it's interesting

    Because we have years with very old versions on television that repeat and repeat for our grand parents.

    The setting, costumes and art production is much more credible than in big productions. This film leave us an idea of ​​how people lived at that time and in those places. obviously knows more about the Arab-Roman world of jesus story  a jew French  than Hollywood people.

    A slow movie with an interesting approach, perhaps for some could be boring because the slow and the religous story.

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