Hyun-tae, In-chul and Min-soo have been best friends since childhood. Hyun-tae is a paramedic with a daughter in kindergarten, In-chul is a con man who works at an insurance company, and Min-soo is a small business owner. Hyun-tae's mother, who owns an illegal gambling arcade, asks In-chul to stage a robbery/arson of her arcade to get an insurance settlement. But after that results in her accidental death, the friends have a falling out and their relationships with each other are forever changed.


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  • ★★★★ review by Wendy on Letterboxd

    Wow, I watched this days ago and am only just reviewing it now... Which means I barely remember how I felt about it besides knowing that I liked it a lot. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had no expectations in seeing this movie, but the story was so engaging straight on, I was so completely taken by the friendship of these three boys/men.

    Yes, the beginning is a little slow, and it takes a while to set everything up, but boy, when the story is all set up, and you see the wheels turning (aka shit starting to brew and bubble up onto the surface), you just can't tear yourself away from the screen. It's not the Hollywood style where a friendship just blows up in a million pieces in one or two scenes, but it's like watching the characters slowly set up a bomb in their friendship. Gathering the wires, lighting the match, watching the little string sparkle down to the bomb ball, and then finally, watching the bomb explode in slow motion. First there's a little explosion, which you might think is the real thing, but that just makes the big explosion even worse.

    And at the end, when it's all over, you realize that the slow beginning was written like so on purpose. The audience sees so much real genuine friendship between the friendship, the slow ticking bomb just makes you hurt for these three men. These friends, supposedly best friends forever, can they actually trust each other?

    So. Amazing script aside - written by the first time feature film director (so much talent, I don't even! I'm so excited for the rest of his career!) - the film was beautifully shot. The cinematography isn't too much, but it reminds me a lot of Prisoners, where there is just enough murky blue or dull colours that gives the film a dreary feel that you know something bad is going to happen, and the director is not done playing with our feelings. There were also a lot of great camera angles, cropping, use of light, that gives you that feeling of a little bit of hope that the precious friendship will be OK at the end, yet the mixture of colours in the film also give you a sense of foreboding.

    Now put that altogether with a well-paced script and great directing to the actors, this film is a really solid Korean drama film.

  • ★★★★½ review by Carlos Laron on Letterboxd

    TIFF 2014 MOVIE 5!

    Confession centers around 3 childhood friends who have different lifestyles. 2 of them decide to pull off a fake robbery but end up killing someone. After that, the friends have a falling out and their relationships with each other are forever changed.

    I am so glad I saw this movie as part of the City to City programme by TIFF. It was a combination of light and heavy plot accompanied by such amazing performances by all the actors. I didn't mind having to follow through the subtitles even! The story was great and the bits of humor also carried the film from being cheesy. I am definitely gonna see more of these three actors' films!

  • ★★★½ review by hindAl1992 on Letterboxd

    فيلم يدور حول ثلاثه أشخاص تربطهم صداقه قويه منذ الطفوله الا أن حادث غير مقصود يضع حد لهذه الصداقه و يبدأ بتفريقهم

  • ★★★½ review by Lunarieen on Letterboxd

    This was heartbreaking

  • ★★★★★ review by Tânia Soares on Letterboxd

    whoa what a story!

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