Hot Summer Nights

A teen winds up in over his head while dealing drugs with a rebellious partner and chasing the young man's enigmatic sister during the summer of 1991 that he spends in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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  • ★★★½ review by TraceSauveur on Letterboxd

    Fell asleep for a little bit during this. Not cause the movie was bad or anything, SXSW has just got me feelin sleepy.

  • ★★★★½ review by Deej Oster on Letterboxd

    HotWater Works Warehouse @ 10pm

    w/ Sly for the Capital City Film Fest

    a stylish and sweet summer flick. Visually and audibly jam-packed in the best of ways. 

    Timmy C’s comedic timing is nuts,  was laughing uncontrollably on a couple occasions. A classic tale of young ambition and summer time shenanigans, I’d see this film again and again.

  • ★★★★ review by Tyler Jacob on Letterboxd


  • ★★★★½ review by vintage_sly on Letterboxd

    Capital City Film Fest - Deej

    THE summer movie. Dope soundtrack, overall just a great flick. Could've watched it again immediately after. Real funny at times and the cast was great. King chalamet.

  • ★★★★ review by Carolyn Brown on Letterboxd

    I saw Hot Summer Nights at the Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, Michigan! It was a fun coincidence, because I learned that the film existed like the day before. I thoroughly enjoyed this film's unique method of storytelling and the impassioned performances given by its young leads.

    Obviously, Timothée Chalamet fans will be drawn to this film due to his recent success and rise to popularity. I think they will be pleased with his performance as Daniel (Danny because it’s cool), because it showcases his comedic chops as well as the drama skills we all know and love. Chalamet is one of the most captivating young actors onscreen right now and I’m so excited to see more of his work!

    I'm also a huge sucker for movies that take place during the summer, because I love the imagery that comes with that temporal setting. Shots of fireworks, carnival rides, and beaches are some of the most visually appealing shots in my opinion. Hot Summer Nights was satisfying in that regard, especially with the shot of Danny and McKayla’s (Maika Monroe) first kiss followed immediately by 4th of July fireworks. It was so *chef's kiss*

    Because the film is set in the early 90s, the soundtrack is stacked with summer jams from that era. I looked it up on Spotify after the screening, but unfortunately it’s not available just yet!

    Although Hot Summer Nights is a comedy on the surface, it offers dramatic intrigue and commentary on small town culture. Danny, McKayla, and Hunter Strawberry (Alex Roe) are three small town legends that everyone loves to talk about, but no one really cares about. This film reminds us that, despite their shortcomings, they're just kids worthy of our empathy. And I'll be damned if I don't love them!

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