Ghostland: The View of the Ju'Hoansi

Remember the culture clash in THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY? This time it's real. One of the most ancient cultures on our planet is undergoing a major change. The Ju/Hoansi Bushmen in Namibia are not allowed to hunt anymore and need to converge with our so called “civilized” lifestyle. For the first time the Ju/Hoansi Bushmen travel through the Kalahari and then right into the heart of Europe. What starts as a look at their fascinating culture becomes an even more fascinating look at our Western lifestyle. A warm and humorous reflection of our habits through the eyes of people who are about to give up their million year old traditions.


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  • ★★★½ review by Chris Sweet on Letterboxd


  • ★★★½ review by coffeekermit07 on Letterboxd

    I liked the very likeable protagonists, I liked the contrasts of the depicted culture clash and the narrative of the film. Still, what I didn't like was the totally inclusive and open-minded picture of Germany that seemed a little like a fairy tale to me.

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