Black Mountain Poets

Two professional con artist sisters go on the run and assume the identities of The Wilding Sisters, guest stars of a poetry retreat in the depths of the Black Mountains. A romantic comedy drama about love, crime, spirituality, and soul


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  • ★★★½ review by Jason Pollard on Letterboxd

    A beautifully shot (on a DSLR!) retroscripted, lo-fi dramedy that is carried by the performances. Along with the improvisation, though, comes some pacing issues--most noticeably in the second act. Still, definitely worth a watch for the spots where it shines.

  • ★★★½ review by Lauren Boisset on Letterboxd

    as someone about to go to uni to do literature and creative writing, i feel as though this film managed to get its material from the more pretentious parts of my soul; and frankly, that's all fair game. whilst not being my personal favourite performance of alice lowe's, she is hilarious and strangely heartwarming as the dubiously moral, dubiously competent lisa: nevertheless, she is left with strong competition from dolly wells' claire; a competition which by halfway through the film i abandoned, as their on-screen connection was too genuine for me to care. this is doubtlessly not a comedy for everyone--richard's passive-aggressive ex-girlfriend, whilst deliberately grating, may be too much for some and the film meanders in a way that i enjoy but others may not--yet i still encourage as many people as possible to see it, for where else will you see a recital of a receipt done so strangely poetically.

  • ★★★★½ review by Alain Elliott on Letterboxd

    I loved it! A perfectly odd comedy, with some surprisingly touching moments. Full of great performances, none more so than Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells in the leads, along with a fantastic and engaging script. Instantly re-watchable and quotable. The kind of film you want to tell everyone about straight after seeing it.

  • ★★★½ review by Cody Whitaker on Letterboxd

    Fun bit of UK mumblecore.

    Totally exceeded my expectations.

    I loved the way the would randomly cut back to the stranded poet sisters.

  • ★★★½ review by QED on Letterboxd

    Written and directed by Jamie Adams this film stars Alice Lowe, Dolly Wells and Tom Cullen. After an ill fated attempt to steal a JCB from a building site two sisters on the run pose as poets on a poetry retreat.

    While not the deepest film you will ever see there is enough charm and chuckles to entertain through out this slightly odd ball film. Not a huge amount stands out there but I enjoyed the film none the less with Alice Lowe being the best thing in the film. There are also some nice location shots as a backdrop.

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