Another Evil

After encountering a ghost in his family's vacation home, Dan and his wife Mary hire an "industrial-grade exorcist" named Os to get rid of the beings.


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  • ★★★★ review by Eli Hayes on Letterboxd

    Experiencing Mark Proksch's prolonged duck impression was the most satisfying cinematic moment in all my film-watching years.

  • ★★★★ review by Gory B Movie on Letterboxd

    Bizarre, original and hilarious. If you like Creep or The Cable Guy, you'll enjoy this!

  • ★★★★ review by Chris Genro on Letterboxd

    Absolutely fantastic film that you will most likely see on my top horror films of 2017. This easily has some of the most likeable and well written characters in any film I've watched so far. This is a horror comedy but it's definitely in the mumblecore style which is much more understated and focuses on the awkward humour.

    Dan played by Steve Zissis is vacationing with his family in their cottage when they suddenly discover it's haunted. In an effort to rid himself of the ghosts he hires a ghost hunter named Os who comes highly recommended. At first Dan is going along with things but as Os' rituals become more and more bizarre things become more uncomfortable between them.

    That's as far as I'll go with a synopsis as it would be best to go into this completely blind without watching a trailer. I had so much fun with this and would easily watch the film if it was and hour longer. The performances by both leads are fantastic but Mark Proksch who plays Os steals the show. If you love the films by people such as the Duplass brothers than this will be right up your alley. 4/5 stars.

  • ★★★★ review by Kiko Vega on Letterboxd

    La revelación del festival es una película que sí, que es de género, por supuesto que lo es, pero también es una comedia más negra que los cojones de un burro.

    Mala uva a raudales, situaciones incómodas y risas, muchas risas, con unos diálogos protagonizados por una pareja que no tiene nada que envidiar a los protas de Bottom, por poner un ejemplo de cruda idiotez ficticia.

    Una joya no apta para todos los paladares. Si le coges el punto, es irresistible.

  • ★★★½ review by Jason Coffman on Letterboxd

    Dan (Steve Zissis) is a successful artist who has unfortunately seen a terrifying ghost in his vacation home. His wife Mary (Jennifer Irwin) brings in a specialist in such things who informs them they are in no danger from the entities who share their living space. Dan isn’t so sure, and a friend refers him to Os (Mark Proksch), a “ghost assassin.” Dan stays at the vacation house while Mary and their son Jazz (Dax Flame) are back at home and hires Os in hopes they can rid the house of ghosts before Mary returns, but it turns out Os is as profoundly lonely and weird as he is effective at ghost trapping. Debut feature writer/director Carson D. Mell previously worked as a producer and writer for the HBO series SILICON VALLEY and wrote episodes of EASTBOUND & DOWN, a track record which gives a pretty good idea of the approach taken to exorcism tropes in ANOTHER EVIL. Instead of focusing on the supernatural, the film’s center is the uneasy relationship between Dan and Os, two very different guys who find themselves unexpectedly having to share close quarters. Steve Zissis and Mark Proksch are excellent in the lead roles, wringing a lot of deeply uncomfortable laughs out of their predicament. It becomes a bit less interesting as it moves into the third act and the situation spirals out of control, but overall ANOTHER EVIL is a very funny film that takes a fresh approach to some familiar material.

    Part of my coverage of Fantasia 2016 for Daily Grindhouse.

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