As I AM: the Life and Times of DJ AM

Directed by Kevin Kerslake

"Adam Goldstein was friend to many in the '90s L.A. party scene, where he threw himself into a newfound life as DJ AM. Overcoming several obstacles, including a troubled familial relationship and various addictions, DJ AM quickly rose to the top of the music industry. A pioneer of the mashup movement, he became one of the most recognizable DJs in the world. However, he remained haunted by the demons of his past. After cheating death in a plane crash, a subsequent overdose lead to his untimely death.


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  • ★★★★★ review by grapsta on Letterboxd

    Wow. Fantastic doco. I'm a Dj - and the kind of music obsessive who will watch and enjoy docos on bands / styles that I don't actually listen to - so I was always likely to enjoy this. But I was surprised how good it was ...this film has all the ingredients needed to make a great documentary : Music, crack cocaine , depression , Tom Cruise -and gnarley plane accidents. What a rollercoaster of a ride...and a tragic ending for a guy always comes across as a super humble nice guy .

  • ★★★★ review by Gregory Wood on Letterboxd

    good bio-doc

  • ★★★½ review by Paolo Kagaoan on Letterboxd

    About the superstar who invented the mash-up. Elicits sympathy for those in the Vegas/LA scene, especially Steve Aoki. Manic beginning but the descresendoes and recrescendoes are subtle. TW addiction.

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