A Courtship

Directed by Amy Kohn

Amy Kohn’s fascinating documentary offers a peek into the practice of Christian courtship, wherein a woman hands over the responsibility of finding a husband to her parents and the will of God. Such is the path for Kelly, who after growing up happily in a secular family is prompted to alter the course of her own life after her parents’ divorce. Enter Ron and Dawn Wright, a Christian couple who offer to serve as Kelly’s adopted spiritual-family through the courtship process. Now in her 30s, Kelly lives with the Wrights, relying on them to scout and vet all of her prospective partners, as she vows to save her next kiss for the altar.


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  • ★★★★ review by Bethany on Letterboxd

    It is a good documentary, in that I never felt like the filmmaker ended up doing any kind of "gotcha" cinematography. They are honest and allow the family to say their peace honestly and with no cheap cuts. Good for them. This theology is so toxic and so destructive, it doesn't need any additions. It was a rough watch in a lot of ways, but particularly for someone who doesn't have a good idea of the mindset of families who really commit to the Christian courtship model in the US, I would recommend the 70 minutes (if you can stomach it).

  • ★★★½ review by agentj on Letterboxd

    Almost dauntingly non-judgmental, given the subjects and their ideology.

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