Electric Slide

A heightened homage to the City of Angels, Electric Slide riffs on the real-life story of Eddie Dodson, the notorious "Gentleman Bank Robber." With a debonair sophistication and a serious talent for flirt, Dodson managed to lure money from mesmerized female tellers at over 60 banks during an epic spree in the 1980s.


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  • ★★★★ review by J.P. Vitale on Letterboxd

    Tons of style and atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere abound in this 1980s-set crime caper/satire filled with the mundanities of egotistical Los Angelinos' lives and bank robberies!

    Also, Kate Micucci!

    A pretty cool, stylish flick that really gets you to FEEL 1983 Los Angeles!

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