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A teenager transitions from female to male, and his family must come to terms with that fact.


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  • ★★★½ review by Logan Agnesi on Letterboxd

    About Ray was a pretty good film. I think Elle Fanning did an excellent job portraying a young woman transitioning to a young man, but despite that the movie still wasn't overly amazing. It had a pretty straight forward plot, nothing really surprising or unexpected happens throughout the movie and the ending was a little too unrealistically perfect. Everyone gets together and becomes a big happy family and Ray gets his parents consent to transition. A pretty predictable ending.

  • ★★★★ review by Phiona Kari on Letterboxd

    I can't believe that nobody loved this film; I find it genuine, a really good family drama, it’s a movie that i relate to.

    there's huge controversy which is why is casting Cis people to play Trans people such a big deal? hey people, don’t be picky. trans want representation. and this is the only representation, yes trans boys literally never get representation so even if it’s played by a cis girl i loved it tbh.

    Not to mention the great acting of the 4 tremenduous females

  • ★★★★★ review by At Oussama on Letterboxd

    About Ray, might have a dramatic setting of transgender people instead of a real one, but I absolutely think we should give a proper reconnaissance for the effort put into it. Starting from the filmmaking process to Elle Fanning tremendous performance.

    The cast was brilliant, and over the top, with a sarcastic and funny duo composed of Susan Sarandon and Linda Emond, and a complex brotherhood of Sam Trammel and Tate Donovan. While again giving praise for Elle, and her brave portrayal of the role.

    Musically, there weren't enough songs, but the soundtrack didn't feel missing. KT Tunstall credits credit was a great gem.

    For a second attempt at Transgender-related films, About Ray seemed like a fair portrayal of the teenage dilemma coupled with the search of identity, and the female-to-male transformation (and to be honest, I was shocked with the amount of negative reviews of the film).

  • ★★★½ review by Leah on Letterboxd

    I enjoyed this a lot bc of the great acting and cast & I thought it was a good movie but apparently there are issues with it? I need to read a trans person's review of this that points out the issues tbh bc I didn't notice much that was wrong so clearly I missed stuff besides the obvious problem of a cis female playing a trans male

    On a less serious side note I love Susan Sarandon playing a lesbian and I vote she plays a lesbian for every role from now on and also in real life

  • ★★★½ review by Paulina on Letterboxd

    ray's father's house in the woods is honestly everything i want and need

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