Sunshine Superman

Documentary portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of the BASE jumping movement, whose early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular -and dangerous- feats of foot-launched human flight.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Jason Alley on Letterboxd

    A terrific and often exhilarating documentary about Carl Boenish, credited as the father of BASE jumping (skydiving from cliffs, buildings, towers, etc... instead of planes), who lived what appears to be a truly thrilling and happy life before he tragically died doing what he loved, the very day after breaking the world record for the highest BASE jump in the world.

    The documentary is a compelling mix of present-day interviews, period TV footage, and BASE jumping and skydiving footage mostly filmed by Carl Boenish himself, which will take your breath away on multiple occasions. There are also some unnecessary dramatic reenactments, but they are easy to overlook when the film as a whole is so engrossing.

    If you have enjoyed documentaries about amazing human feats and endurance along the lines of MAN ON WIRE, TOUCHING THE VOID, and MERU, this is a must-see. There's a great soundtrack, too, featuring songs by the Kinks, the Hollies, the Byrds, America, and the Buzzcocks.

  • ★★★★½ review by Sarah McMullan on Letterboxd

    As much a love story between eccentrics as it is to a Base Jumping pioneer & the strange events leading up to his death.

    Incredible footage & interviews; this is a surprisingly emotive documentary.

    (Though the heights made me want to throw up.)

  • ★★★★★ review by eveverlaine on Letterboxd

    A really beautiful film. I saw it at the Portland Film Festival. Carl Boenish is my hero. His wife was even more interesting. A gorgeously shot and amazing well made documentary.

  • ★★★½ review by Simon Abrams on Letterboxd

    Well, that was a pleasant surprise. More soon in my Village Voice review.

  • ★★★★ review by Aaron on Letterboxd

    Great music + end shot

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