Red Rose

Directed by Sepideh Farsi

A politically complacent middle-aged man and a young pro-democracy activist debate about the future of their country while hiding from the police, in this fascinating drama that blends scripted scenes with on-the-ground footage from Iran’s 2009 Green Revolution.


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  • ★★★½ review by Alex Farah on Letterboxd

    What an ambitious undertaking by Farsi. She so seamlessly integrates real cellphone footage of the Green Revolution with her delicately written narrative.

    Red Rose is a perfect equilibrium between staging an emotionally fragile story between a man and a woman, alongside the chaos ensuing in the world beyond their apartment. The film nails it, in exploring both feeling and intellect, painted through pretty exposing sex scenes, use of technology, use of force and totalitarian authority, deception, and a lot more.

    I really commend what this film was able to do, and very much admire and appreciate the risks Farsi took in telling this story. You can certainly tell she's been practicing her work in France – the film doesn't carry the same (and I feel entitled to be able to say this because I am an immigrant) FOB-like elements that are present in the more 'authentically' straight-out-of-Iran films. I'm talking about typefaces, editing, credits, visual compositions, etc. Not the story.

  • ★★★★½ review by saber hadza on Letterboxd


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