La Salada

Three intertwining stories that take place in La Salada — the largest unregulated market in Buenos Aires: a Korean father prepares his daughter for an arranged marriage, a young Bolivian man searches for work, and a Taiwanese DVD seller tries to woo a young woman to be his girlfriend.


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  • ★★★½ review by Kristina Winters on Letterboxd

    This is an interesting multi-threaded slice of life story comprising the immigrant experience in Argentina for three different cultures.

    We meet a young Korean woman and her father, a Taiwanese man and an Uncle and young Nephew fresh from Bolivia. The film uses Spanish as well as Korean and Mandarin. I found the stories interesting and they kept my attention.

    Unfortunately, the only language of the three I understand (Korean), was poorly written and delivered. It was obviously not native speakers. Another viewer, fluent in Mandarin, said it was equally terrible. This was disappointing.

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