Kill Me Three Times

While on a seemingly routine job, a jaded hit man discovers that he's not the only one with his target in the crosshairs.


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  • ★★★★ review by Eric on Letterboxd

    Really fun movie and Simon Pegg stole the show imo

  • ★★★★ review by Alex Gidley on Letterboxd

    Despite a messy as hell first act, the last two acts bring it all together although not as neatly as I would have liked. Kill Me Three Times could and should have been a lot funnier than it is but Pegg shines here in what is one of his darkest roles to date.

  • ★★★½ review by Jon Snow on Letterboxd

    A solid, well paced film with plenty of hilarity and action. While most of the characters are deplorable, people die a little too easily and those that survive get away a little too easily.

    Still, Simon Pegg laugh his way through assassinations make it totally worth it.

  • ★★★½ review by Luke Compton on Letterboxd

    A non-linear callback to the 90's, which just never quite hits its stride.

    Simon Pegg is pretty damn great here. The finest aspect of the film, and the reason that it worked. Sometimes I can find him annoying when he's playing the neurotic nerd typecast, but here it was awesome to see him as the anti-hero hitman who doesn't mind killing people, which he does, several times.

    The twists and turns do work. Some are very predictable, others were a nice surprise. Regarding the conclusion, I'm divided. Half of it really works, but the other side just doesn't.

    Bryan Brown was incredible. It's great to see him back in a good part. He was awesome in this. Just menacing, and had a terrific presence. It was also good to see Sullivan Stapleton in a subdued part. His character was somewhat timid, and certainly didn't have the power and authority as most of the characters he usually played.

    Overall, this film is very hit and miss. Some will like it, others won't. Just depends on taste. For me, this film was really refreshing due to its lack of restraint. It didn't mind killing a lot of characters and just going through everyone in a bloody and violent way.

  • ★★★★ review by Panta Oz on Letterboxd

    OK... I admit, I LOVED THIS MOVIE AND ITS CRAZY STORY! This American-Australian black comedy thriller directed by Kriv Stenders was everything I needed this morning to start my perfect holiday!

    The story of unusual private detective and assassin Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) was interwoven with few other stories. He was originally hired to kill Alice Taylor (Alice Braga) by her husband, wealthy motel proprietor Jack Taylor (Callan Mulvey). But, when Charlie is ready to execute the job, he realizes that he isn't the only one planning to kill Alice. Lucy (Teresa Palmer) and her husband Nathan (Sullivan Stapleton) carry out Alice's murder after carefully making it look like an accident. Their motives are connected to the fact that Alice is having an affair with handsome mechanic Dylan (Luke Hemsworth), whom she plans to run away with...

    All the characters, Simon Pegg as Charlie Wolfe, Alice Braga as Alice Taylor, Sullivan Stapleton as Nathan Webb, a dental surgeon with a gambling debt, Teresa Palmer as Lucy Webb, Nathan's awful, manipulative wife and receptionist, Luke Hemsworth as Dylan Smith, Callan Mulvey as Jack Taylor, and especially Bryan Brown as Bruce Jones, a corrupt cop - had the unique Australian "taste" in their acting, and it was one of the most entertaining movies I watched. Screenplay was easygoing perfectly fitting the stories at the end.

    Don't trust the critics on this one before checking it out first!

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