I Am Here

Directed by Lixin Fan

It's a story about post-90 generation in China and how they chasing their dreams through a talent show. The summer of 2013 saw a group of young boys enter a Chinese TV talent show called Super Boy, hoping to be catapulted to fame. The film documents how the young boys coped with their new challenging lives. While under unthinkable pressure, they proved themselves by trying to make the right choices during live shows. Talent shows create a new type of entertainer, but can they still keep their true selves? Can they adjust themselves and balance the ups and downs? What have the ten years of Chinese talent shows given us? What is urging us to grow up?


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  • ★★★½ review by maraki_tpla on Letterboxd

    οι κινέζοι μπίμπερς του 2013 <3

  • ★★★½ review by Andrew Buckle on Letterboxd

    A clever, focused and highly energized behind-the-scenes look at one of China's most popular reality shows. The contestant brotherhood opposes the 'Big Brother' like treatment - which is the core study, not so much their performances and the competition - but the physical and emotional strain was shocking.

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