Bad Lucky Goat

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father’s pick-up truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Rick Burin on Letterboxd

    London Film Festival: Film #10

    UK premiere

    I was expecting Brewster's-Millions-with-a-goat, I got something like the very essence of charm: a wonderfully atmospheric story of burgeoning sibling friendship, set on a Caribbean island, about a brother and sister who accidentally wreck their parents' car by running over a goat, and hatch one scheme after another to try to get level.

    Colombian director Samir Oliveros shot the film on Providence Island (an old colonial outpost owned by Colombia) using non-professional local actors, a score written by local musicians (several of whom play on screen) and the locales as another character in a way that recalls a film of escape, change and geographical flavour that I've always loved, Seducing Doctor Lewis. Bad Lucky Goat is very funny when it wants to be, though it's not packed with jokes: much of the joy lies in its genuinely offbeat sensibility and its deceptively lofty ambitions.

    Oliveros, who'd made just one previous short and is now doing a master's in LA, told me (as I was bothering him in the lobby) that he shot this one "guerrilla-style" and is now learning how to be a professional filmmaker, ideally in Hollywood. I hope that training doesn't erode the instinctive brilliance of this debut, which is fast-moving but laid-back, packing an astounding amount into its 76 minutes, dealing with themes of superstition, familial loyalty and accidental goat slaughter, and featuring beautiful performances from the two young leads − both of whom are now eyeing careers on screen. Like the rest of the cast, they adapted Oliveros' English-language script into their phonetic local language, Creole, and I could listen to their slang-heavy exchanges all day.

    I got lost in its world, and while the film's trip to the cockfights may be a bit of a rude shock to myself and my other libtard cucks, it ultimately did little to dispel the film's very special atmosphere.

  • ★★★★ review by karamashi on Letterboxd

    A lively and beautifully simple comedy about two siblings having a troublesome day. This film feels so natural, that it’s amazing it’s a debut! The atmosphere, the music, and the central relationship between the siblings is refreshing. This film flows incredibly well and it manages to capture the beauty and ambivalence of Island life.

  • ★★★½ review by Peter Martin on Letterboxd


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  • ★★★½ review by Jeremy Sheffield on Letterboxd

    A perfect blend of sibling rivalry, a little voodoo, and a developing nation’s poverty line make this foreign film an endearing adventure. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in one day while riding a moped with a goat head on it.

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