Miss Stevens

A comedy focused on a teacher who chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition.


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  • ★★★★ review by Lucy on Letterboxd

    why isn't lily rabe in everything

  • ★★★½ review by willa on Letterboxd

    2016 really is the year where anything can happen. for example lohanthony is in this movie but it's actually good

  • ★★★½ review by nanci on Letterboxd

    "Someone should take care of you too" 

    Timothée Chalamet's execution of THAT monologue and the "I'm nervous" scene that follows tore me to shreds. I can't wait for that skinny white boy to win his oscar. Rabe and Chalamet are phenomenal and carry this entire movie, unsurprisingly. 

    ((Not sure how this can be described as a comedy when it just finished and I can't breathe because I'm crying so hard but ok letterboxd, do you.))

  • ★★★½ review by davidehrlich on Letterboxd

    Are you waiting for someone?”

    Those are the first words spoken in “Miss Stevens,” the modestly scaled but characteristically strong directorial debut from “The Keeping Room” writer Julia Hart, and they bore into the rest of the film like a bad hangover. The usher is just trying to be polite, trying to understand why the crying blonde woman in the back row of his theatre is still in her seat long after the rest of the audience has cleared out and gone home. “Are you waiting for someone?” He has no idea how big of a question that is.


  • ★★★★½ review by Jack Stobart on Letterboxd

    when y'all start stannin my mans, mr timothée (a thespian) after he nuts in that peach for armie hammer, know I was here, tellin u all along that he was good in understated indie masterpiece miss stevens (2016)

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