When hot shot, Wall Street dealmaker Jai thinks of putting some pleasure into his 48 hour business trip to Mumbai, Sahil, his young, music-producer friend, drops everything, including his reckless boyfriend Alex, to help him execute the perfect getaway. Hiking the hills and canyons of Maharashtra, amidst half-attempted conversations and sudden silences, business calls and old jokes, the friends discover there is more than just time-zones keeping them apart. Things take another turn when Alex shows up with a new male-companion at his side, throwing up old conflicts and bringing unanswered questions to the fore.


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  • ★★★½ review by tara on Letterboxd

    ok, so firstly I haven't seen weekend, to which this film undoubtedly owes much; secondly, it's pretty important to note that this is not as comfortable or unambiguous a film as it sets itself out to be, with a turn I did not anticipate or enjoy, and for that reason I'm struggling a little with my reaction to it. but as the first unapologetically and wholly gay romance I've seen in Indian film – filmed in sixteen days in secret – it's quietly, defiantly important.

  • ★★★★ review by Gazelle Garcia on Letterboxd

    11/30 of my SXSW 2016

    I adore grounded realistic films that manage to make me feel like I'm intruding someone's very personal moment by watching, like I'm witnessing private events I would be forced to look away from in real life. It's a privilege to be welcomed into the lives of Sahil and Jai who are old friends with dwindling sparks between them that neither are equipt to deal with. Every scene is purposeful or at least neccassary to set up the context of these relationships for the audience. I so appreciate that.

  • ★★★★ review by adra m on Letterboxd

    God, they were too good. Even though I pretty much disagree on some scenes, however this movie brought something new that made me "suffer" in another way.

  • ★★★★½ review by Tyler Hoffman on Letterboxd

    Not only a great foreign film, but a great an refreshing gay movie as well

    To be honest I haven't seen many Indian movies, and definitely no gay Indian movies so I was beyond excited to find one that hit both of those categories.

    The movie felt fresh and relevant, the acting was great, the chemistry and sexual tension felt authentic and the visuals and shooting locations were so beautiful as well.

    Not much else to say but definitely a great Netflix find and one I will rewatch again soon.

  • ★★★½ review by Jahan Bakshi on Letterboxd

    this film got under my skin and stayed there

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