I Am The Blues

Directed by Daniel Cross

A musical journey through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta and Moonshine soaked BBQs in the North Mississippi Hill Country. Visiting the last original blues devils, many in their 80's, still living in the deep south, working without management and touring the Chitlin' Circuit. Let Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Lazy Lester, Bilbo Walker, RL Boyce, Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes, Lil Buck Sinegal, LC Ulmer and their friends awaken the blues in all of us.


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  • ★★★★ review by brianwi on Letterboxd

    Chronicles the end of an era on a number of levels. Plus killer blues throughout.

  • ★★★½ review by Robert Reineke on Letterboxd

    Sometimes the wisest thing a filmmaker can do is get out of the way. Albeit, the result is something of a shapeless film.

  • ★★★★ review by Rob Samuelson on Letterboxd

    Reviewed for Halfstack Magazine: halfstackmagazine.blogspot.com/2017/08/i-am-blues-as-musical-form-fades-its.html

  • ★★★★★ review by ReneeBienz on Letterboxd

    Very well done. Really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

  • ★★★½ review by Rolmar Baldonado on Letterboxd

    You'll really feel the blues from the songs and the lives of these old time blues singers.  There are hints of momentary brushes with fame, class and racial divides as well as dignifyingly dealing with ageing and mortality.  The fear of losing this tradition constantly beset them. You sympathise with their songs and in between those candid sad performances, you just wish you'd get to know them still a bit more.

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