Don't Think Twice

An improv group deals with several crises, including the loss of their lease and one member hitting the big time.


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  • ★★★★ review by Matt Singer on Letterboxd

    I really enjoyed this, and not just because I’m the exact same age as the characters and can relate to their crippling anxieties about my (whoops I mean their) inadequacies and failures. It honestly had nothing to do with that.

    Not at all.

  • ★★★★½ review by Jared on Letterboxd

    Tackles that interesting clash between "underground" and "authentic" comedy as it rubs against "mainstream" and "standard" comedy, represented here by a SNL knock-off, and how every comedian loves to mock that spotlight but given the chance would jump on it. I think Birbiglia does a really good job of making the comedy serve the drama and vice versa, this is a well-written effort that doesn't let any of it's characters off the hook. There's a constant warmth that radiates from the film, despite all the painfully true insights about how success and failure can impact a group friendship. I really liked this, it feels like a truly relevant and informed look at the life of the mid-tier modern comedian. The overarching correlation between the art of improv and these people's lives is unmistakable and effective. At one time a character relays the famous quote describing improvisational comedy; that it's like watching people assemble a plane in mid-air. Birbiglia manages to find drama in quiet moments, sincerity in the insincere and comedy in the supposedly unfunny. I liked this a lot, it felt real and measured, more biting and truthful than perhaps any other comedy of 2016. Not a must-see, but if you have an inkling of interest I'd highly recommend it.

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  • ★★★½ review by Kalpit Tandon on Letterboxd

    It happened when I was half way in, I stopped laughing at any comic reliefs, completely stopped smirking at the acidic insights and felt a cold wave of sorrow sweeping over me. It was then did I realize how brutally the makers crept close to me with relatable characters and then, sucker punched me with their failures and broken hopes. 

    Don't Think Twice is a tear damped love letter from life. It's painful to watch, hurts like hell and if you ever had a dream which you failed to achieve, this will be a monstrously low spirited blow to your hearts. Wonderfully written, thematically layered and sharply witty, this could be that under appreciated gem of the year which may silently fly from under your radar.

  • ★★★½ review by brat pitt on Letterboxd

    plus a half star because it begins with a vampire weekend joke

    minus a half star because i had to see  a l*na d*nham cameo 😷

  • ★★★★ review by Sam Van Hallgren on Letterboxd

    Curious if Birbiglia ever conceived this as a series. Think it could have worked like gangbusters as a 10 episode season covering a year in the life of this improv troupe. As it is, excellent insight into the improv world and some very good performances (Gillian Jacobs especially) over-burdened with plot.

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