Donald Cried

Returning home to working class Warwick, Rhode Island, Peter Latang encounters childhood friend Donald Treebeck for what starts as a simple favor and turns into a long van ride into two friends past.


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  • ★★★★½ review by James Healey on Letterboxd

    New Directors/New Films 45: Film #2

    Donald Cried? More like James Cried, from laughing. Funniest film I've seen in a theater since last year's Entertainment which also played ND/NF. Donald Cried actually reminds me of Entertainment a bit, as well as The Color Wheel. On par with both, possibly better. Saw much raw talent on display here from everyone, but especially from Director/Writer/Actor Kris Averdisian who gives my favorite performance of the year next to Krisha Fairchild from Krisha. Best to go into this blind because you'll be completely surprised with how fantastic this is. Crossing my fingers it plays at Cannes so I can see it again there with friends.

  • ★★★½ review by Jack Moulton on Letterboxd

    Performances are great, script is terrific (if nothing new), it's just a damn shame that very little effort or money was put into the look and feel of the film. It's so mumblecore and amateurish that I can't look past it. I know it's a Kickstarter film but given the material they could've asked for a little more. Anyway, the actors save it, and it has many great funnysad moments. Loses a little steam in its final third though.

  • ★★★½ review by Brandon Hart on Letterboxd

    Nostalgia is seen here as a snowy journey through the highs and lows of remembrance; simultaneously an embrace of old human connections & an awareness of why the past, tragically, is in the past. Kinda pretty moving, despite its faults -- that could be said of both the movie & the character of Donald.

    By the way: where has Kris Avedisian's talent talent been all my life?

  • ★★★½ review by Joe Yanick on Letterboxd

    This will sadly not receive the acclaim it deserves but few recent films have the heart that this one does. Extremely funny and clever. Will keep an eye on this director.

  • ★★★★ review by Pat Healy on Letterboxd

    This movie was a wonderful surprise. Really hilarious, original and human. Do your best to catch it in a theatre with an audience. It's funny as hell. Limited release 3/3/17.

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