9 Rides

Directed by Matthew A. Cherry

Starring Dorian Missick

An Uber driver gets word that his fiancé might be cheating on him on New Years Eve and proceeds to give nine different groups of people rides and they influence his decision on how he handles the situation.


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  • ★★★½ review by Sean Kelly on Letterboxd

    From a technical point of view, 9 Rides can be considered an achievement, since it's a very well shot film, made entirely at night with iPhones. However, the bulk of the film takes place within the driver's car, so most shots are static views from the dashboard, backseat, or side window. However, despite being a relatively simple film, 9 Rides still tells an interesting story, which leads to a somewhat unexpected conclusion.

    Blog Review: www.skonmovies.com/2017/06/TSFF2017-9-Rides.html

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