Stone Barn Castle

In 2007, Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody fell in love with a partially burned stone barn, reminiscent of an old European castle, hidden in the woods of upstate New York. Looking to fulfill a life-long dream of having a place in the country, he went out on a limb and purchased the enchanting but dilapidated structure. Adrien took charge of an elaborate restoration of the property spanning seven years, transforming it into a magical place to share with family and friends. Teaming up with filmmaker Kevin Ford, Adrien created a personal cinematic record of the journey. Stone Barn Castle is a portrayal of the pursuit of dreams and the distance one must travel to achieve them.


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  • ★★★★★ review by gstuck on Letterboxd

    Does anyone know where/how to view this film now? I saw it at SX in 2015, and I've been aching for a friend to watch it since the closing credits. 

    This was among the most moving documentaries of ordinary life -- however non-ordinary the context might seem -- I've ever watched.  It was like if Our Town included a wealthy actor guy...

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