Directed by Timothy Wheeler

Obsessive egg thieves rob the nests of rare birds while a UK national police initiative named “Operation Easter” tries to stop them. Money is not a factor for these bandits. They are motivated by both their passion for the beauty of the egg as well as the thrill of the chase. Thousands of eggs confiscated in police raids have been found strapped under beds, beneath floorboards, and in secret rooms. With unprecedented access to the most notorious and inconspicuous perpetrators, Poached delves into the psychology of these wildlife criminals as they confront their obsession. Ultimately showing when passion turns to obsession, it can destroy the very object of one’s desire.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Anni Solevåg on Letterboxd

    One of the funniest and most peculiar documentaries I've ever seen.

  • ★★★★ review by Stokke on Letterboxd

    Funny and interesting doc. The theme is egg-collecting, but more broadly it highlights the psychology of an addiction.

    You can see the characters are struggling with their justifications. They know is wrong and illegal to collect the eggs, but at the same time they really want to satisfy their own needs for collecting them.

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