Life in Color

With no place to live, two strangers are stuck house sitting together. At odds, Mary and Homer soon realize the gravity of their situation and the necessity of joining forces, making money and pulling themselves out of the emotional hole they have lived in for years. This grounded romantic dramedy explores the hidden issues we all bury beneath the surface in a raw and touching way with humor and honesty. The cast includes, Josh McDermitt from The Walking Dead, Jim O’Heir from Parks and Recreation, Adam Lustick from Harvard Sailing Team, and Fortune Feimster from Chelsea Lately. Life in Color marks Katharine Emmer’s directorial debut. She also wrote, produced, edited and stars in the film.


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  • ★★★★ review by Daniel Tucker on Letterboxd

    *Originally Posted on Next Projection*

    Katherine Emmer’s Life in Color has a crucial ingredient that many films are lacking: believable people. Too often do filmmakers get caught up in trying to tell a story that they fail in focusing on the characters inhabiting the world they’ve created. Writing and starring in her directorial debut, Emmer has crafted a story with characters that immediately feel real and not some pawn in a story. The story is familiar to anyone who has seen at least three movies; two people thrust into each other’s lives only to end up appreciating each other and overcoming their own obstacles. However, this movie stands above others of its kind because of fantastic performances by Emmer and her costar Josh McDermitt. The two share a seemingly effortless chemistry that keeps one invested despite its familiar plot. More an acting showcase than anything else, Life in Color is nonetheless a worthy directorial debut.

  • ★★★½ review by megan✨ on Letterboxd

    I miss Josh

  • ★★★★ review by abe on Letterboxd

    I loved this movie so flippin much

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