The Free World

Following his release from a brutal stretch in prison for crimes he didn't commit, Mo is struggling to adapt to life on the outside. When his world collides with Doris, a mysterious woman with a violent past, he decides to risk his newfound freedom to keep her in his life.


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  • ★★★½ review by Dawson Joyce on Letterboxd

    It often slips on the ice of melodrama, but The Free World makes for an engaging and beautifully shot directorial debut from Restless writer Jason Lew featuring two spectacular lead performances from Boyd Holbrook and Elisabeth Moss.

  • ★★★½ review by NancyW on Letterboxd

    The Free World is an enjoyable visceral film of emotion, two people get a second chance at living their lives. The guy Mo played by Boyd Holbrook an ex con now working in an animal shelter tries to start his new life. Linda the boss at the animal shelter, played by Octavia Spencer plays her part very believably and Doris, played by Elizabeth Moss, the wife of an abusive policeman. The story unfolds when a dog is dropped off at the shelter which has been beaten up by the policeman, Linda's husband. The story is very interesting it seems slow and there is some violence in the third act, I found it quite an interesting script and liked the twist at the end, I could watch this one again.

  • ★★★½ review by mick culleton on Letterboxd

    A ex-con finds himself pulled back into the violent underworld, When he rescues & helps a battered woman , Dark thriller with a strong cast

  • ★★★½ review by ✨ Felisha ✨ on Letterboxd

    This was quiet and at times a little cliché but over all well made film. I'm a sucker for independent movies with broken characters and small moments though so take that as you will. Boyd Holbrook and Elisabeth Moss were perfectly cast in their meek and sometime desperate roles.

  • ★★★½ review by Barbara on Letterboxd

    That ending tho!! I really liked this, Elizabeth is really really good. And I'm sorry but I would watch anything with Boyd, he is just so fine! Even with the red hair

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