The Blackout Experiments

You arrive at a secret location at a precise time, prompted by a mysterious email. You must follow the instructions closely. Once inside, disturbing visions begin. Unspeakable acts befall you—often frightening, sometimes sensual, possibly painful—each stimulating your deepest fears. And when it's over, you are changed, abandoned, and left wondering what is real and what was merely a game.


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  • ★★★★ review by BrandonHabes on Letterboxd

    This "immersive theater" doc takes you to the most traumatically extreme haunted house perhaps ever built. "Everything you're about to see is real," says Russell Eaton on the mic before the curtain goes down. He's a survivor of this deranged experience 21 x over. People effectively pay money for trauma...why? To psychologically test their limits. A fine line between facing fears and reveling in them is explored.

    The fact that you're given a safe-word to make it stop is proof of how [insane / masochistic / degrading] The Blackout Experiments are. Less focus on creators and more on patrons would've been more effective. Revealing a magicians secret spoils the spook.

    Having listened to Eaton speak about his experiences after the show, there's not a shred of doubt this is 100% legit. Not scary as a secondhand viewer, but this wickedly engrossing doc is bound to be niche. A perfect Halloween film.

  • ★★★★ review by Zach on Letterboxd

    V interesting. Leave with a lot to think about concerning life, art and what we want to get from art.

  • ★★★★ review by Ryan Rosendal on Letterboxd

    The Blackout Haunted House is something I would never in a million years ever attend but I am absolutely fascinated by it. This documentary is probably the closest you'll ever get to experiencing Blackout and my god does it look like one of the most harrowing ordeals imaginable. The fact that people become addicted to Blackout and start to use it as a form of therapy only makes it all the more fascinating.

    What is this thing?

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