Operation Avalanche

In 1967, four undercover CIA agents were sent to NASA posing as a documentary film crew. What they discovered led to one of the biggest conspiracies in American history.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Arielrocks5 on Letterboxd

    A film like this is a lot like watching an incredibly well constructed and performed magic trick; convincing you that what you're seeing is real, even if it goes against everything you've known before hand, and there's a greater sense of relief and satisfaction when everything comes together flawlessly.

    Found footage nowadays very rarely is this creative with its limitations and even rarer in being so genuinely compelling, intense, and unpredictable, not to mention shockingly beautiful (there's a one take car chase sequence towards the end that is one of the most thrilling things I've seen all year).

    This is something I can tell is gonna only get better with thought and future viewings, but all I can say now is just watch it as soon as you can and go in as blind as possible, makes the mood and reveals all the sweeter.

    (ps: thank you to TheFilmFisher for finally convincing me to check this out)

  • ★★★★½ review by Ava Davis on Letterboxd

    when they showed jfk at the beginning my dad went "wow, whenever i see him, i think, what a shame!" my dad is not going to see jackie (2016)

    also my dad liked this so you know it's good

  • ★★★★ review by Naughty aka Juli Norwood on Letterboxd

    Me thinks the reports of the demise of Found Footage films was premature! Every time I turn around I keep finding brilliant examples that quite frankly blow my mind! In fact.. I was so immensely pleasured by this titillating government conspiracy found footage film that you can now find Operation Avalanche listed in the newly revised Kama Sutra ;-)

    My one and only regret is that it took me this long to finally sit down and view it! The trailer was not very enticing for it looked like a cheap cash grab going for the laughs kind of affair! I couldn't have been more wrong! It was so much more!

    Thanks to director Matt Johnson we have the privilege of viewing the mother-of-all conspiracy films that was so cleverly written, acted and directed that even the non tin foil hat wearers of the world could finally buy into the premise that the moon landing was indeed faked!

    Excuse me a minute I have to readjust my tin foil hat ;-) I'm giddy as all get out for I can finally welcome you to my world! I'm an absolute sucker for a good conspiracy flick and this one really takes the cake! By the films end you can't help yourself.. it's much too late for that! You've become thoroughly invested in the characters and storyline!

    Once the story gets rolling it is simply riveting!

  • ★★★★★ review by truman segal on Letterboxd

    Part 2 of 2016 Catch Up

    Operation Avalanche got so intense so fast.

    It's clearly fictional, but entirely convincing and very interesting.

    If you know me by now, it wouldn't be a surprise a love letter to the Cold War and filmmaking would be an easy 5 stars on my behalf.

    Top 5 of the year.

    A terrific soundtrack as well, Matt Johnson has an incredible taste in music, or, well, everything really. I'd love to hang out with this guy.

    I just can't get over how intense Operation Avalanche was, Jesus Christ.

    Also, seeing Kubrick on set of 2001? Priceless.

  • ★★★★ review by Jay Cheel on Letterboxd

    Really enjoyed this. It's not quite as tightly packaged as The Dirties, but it's entertaining and ambitious. Looking forward to a rewatch.

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