Nasty Baby

Nasty Baby centers around a Brooklyn couple, Freddy and his boyfriend Mo, who are trying to have a baby with the help of their best friend, Polly. Freddy is an artist, and his latest work is all about babies – it’s clear he’s dying to be a father. Polly is a family practitioner who is more interested in having a baby than having a man. Mo is hesitant about the entire idea, especially when Polly isn’t having success with Freddyʼs sperm and the donor responsibility shifts to him. Set almost entirely in the multicultural vibrancy of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, the trio navigates the idea of creating life, when they are confronted by unexpected harassment from particularly aggressive neighborhood man, nicknamed The Bishop. The Bishop is bothersome in small, yet persistent ways, with a hint of danger. As their clashes become increasingly aggressive, someone is bound to get hurt.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Cineshots Blog (Jesue Valle) on Letterboxd

    I love it when movies do a violent U-turn. Yeah you feel a bit shaken but it makes me so weirdly happy. I love Sebastian Silva.

  • ★★★½ review by Max Oxley on Letterboxd

    2015: Nasty Baby

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    2017: Filthy Father

    2018: Mean Teen

    2019: Ugly Aunt

    2020: Disgusting Cousin

    2021: Nearly-Narcoleptic Nephew

    2022: Mournful Middle-aged Architect Uncle

    2023: Horrifyingly Hate-Filled Hormonal Hippopotamus Humphrey Halibut

    2024: Avatar 2

  • ★★★★ review by Wood on Letterboxd

    Hey Sebastián Silva, you're a weird dude, but keep it up. Nasty Baby feels like a parody of mumblecore then completely flourishes into it's own thing. Came for the Kristen Wiig stayed for the Silva. As far as hipster wave filmmakers go I find Silva to be one of the most watchable.

  • ★★★★½ review by Silent J on Letterboxd

    Kristen Wiig's post-Bridesmaids career is fascinating to me. Bridesmaids was a huge hit comedy around 5 years ago and you would think that since she was the lead star of that movie, she would continue her career with more comedies. Nope. Yeah, we still get a dash of comedy from her every now and again (more on TV than in movies) but if you look at her post-Bridesmaids filmography, it mostly consists of dramas. To name a few: Friends with Kids, Hateship Loveship, Diary of a Teenage Girl, The Martian, and now Nasty Baby. Her career has taken a turn in a direction that I did not see coming.

    Just like how I didn't see a lot coming from Nasty Baby.

    I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that Nasty Baby isn't the quirky comedy I was expecting going into this. There are some laughs to be had every now and again and there are some quirky aspects to this, but this is no comedy. This is an emotional drama that hits you where it hurts when you least expect it.

    And it absolutely floored me.

  • ★★★★★ review by Carlos Laron on Letterboxd

    Halloween Marathon

    I think this is a perfect movie to see this time of year because not only did it disguise itself as a drama about a New York City hipster couple who are trying to have a baby via surrogate (who's also the guy's best friend) but it also explored tragedy in everyday life. Morals are brought into question as the film progresses into its final act where everyone might raise their eyebrows once they see it. That itself is a real life horror story. It's very dark. I had goosies. It's a quiet beast of a film that's thought-provoking and unexpected .

    I may be awful for saying that I liked this very much. I loved the cast and Kristen Wiig can do no wrong in my book.

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