When Two Worlds Collide

In this tense and immersive tour de force, audiences are taken directly into the line of fire between powerful, opposing Peruvian leaders who will stop at nothing to keep their respective goals intact. On the one side is President Alan Garcia, who, eager to enter the world stage, begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals, and gas from untouched indigenous Amazonian land. He is quickly met with fierce opposition from indigenous leader Alberto Pizango, whose impassioned speeches against Garcia’s destructive actions prove a powerful rallying cry to throngs of his supporters. When Garcia continues to ignore their pleas, a tense war of words erupts into deadly violence.


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  • ★★★½ review by davidehrlich on Letterboxd

    On July 28, 2006, Alan García was sworn in to office for his second term as the President of Peru, 16 years since his first stint ended with social unrest and severe hyperinflation. In 2007, he delivered a nationally televised address in which he invited (or pleaded with) American entrepreneurs to invest in Peru and harvest the country’s finite natural resources. “We don’t have any political conflicts!” he boasted in a proto-Trumpian moment of goading the gods.


  • ★★★★ review by spacehamm on Letterboxd

    Interesting, harrowing, important and very well made

  • ★★★½ review by lumax on Letterboxd

    Vi na abertura do forumdoc

    muito bom, uma superprodução assim

    a parte do pai foi meio desnecessaria e exploração da dor alheia assim

    e eu duvido de muita coisa

    tem aquele cara com um complexo de mártir

    mas foi bom e eu vi na fae e choveu bem na hora q tava cabuloso

  • ★★★½ review by Ed Scheid on Letterboxd

    Absorbing and powerful documentary between Peruvians fighting government takeover of their land.

  • ★★★½ review by Vinny Thornburg on Letterboxd

    Film #29 of the "30 Day Film Tourist Visa Good For March Around The World 2017" Challenge

    A story that is 70/30 for the indigenous people who depend on the rainforest for there general quality of life.

    While it's a solidly told tale, it seems to dig too far into things we already pretty much have figured out, but once things get violent, the story does become more interesting, with an ending that doesn't seem to complete the story. I wish the non violent elements had remained more engaging instead of just waiting for bloodshed.

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