Hardkor Disko

A sociopath begins a relationship with the daughter of a couple he intends to murder.


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  • ★★★★½ review by Lee on Letterboxd

    This is uncompromising, chilling, and downright stunning in the way it depicts a narrative structured on violence and what we perceive as a lack of identity to drive it. In truth, Skonieczny’s film is a mysterious art film portraying a man on a mission to search out two people, whom as he calls them mother and father, and kill them. It’s blunt initially in how the violence, if a little slight and knowing when you get a gist of what the picture is about, but there’s a fascination to the approach of Hardkor Disko. Nothing is truly given away here, simply Skonieczny is observing one man’s objective and we see it through the eyes of its deranged figure, portrayed by a penetrating Marcin Kowalczyk who exemplifies the unsettling atmosphere running through Hardkor Disko. It’s a little surprising that this enigma hasn’t generated any considerable buzz outside its Poland homeland as it’s truly one of the most effective releases I’ve seen this year. An unsettling, fascinating, precise work of cinema, Skonieczny is someone to keep a eye on in the future.

  • ★★★★½ review by Jay-r Trinidad on Letterboxd

    from the movie poster to the film itself, it provides a very unconventional projection by Skonieczny. much more with the filmmaker's sine wave method, from the technical to the emotions set to the speed of the story, was quite different from your usual cinema.

    it looks wayward and under control. and there is bliss in contemplate.

  • ★★★★½ review by Mirthbound on Letterboxd

    This is what happens when you choose adoption over abortion. Murder, revenge, and inadvertent incest. ;)

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