Haifa on a sunny day. Moshe is a crumbling man walking up the Carmel Mountain on yet another work day. Will this day mark his collapse? Uri walks down the mountain to board a ship and leave behind all the things he loves and despises. His sense of belonging is losing ground. He is likely to miss his military reserve service-call, thus risking jail. Will the two collide or pass through one another? An existential comedy, where the overbearing mountain with its endless stairs takes control over destinies in this unique panorama of the Mediterranean port city.


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  • ★★★★★ review by NO WHERE TO RUN on Letterboxd

    i want everybody to know that this movie exists. from the top of the highest mountain to the bottom of the sea. a movie like this comes once in a while. giving us a new point of view of life and it's feel original,funny and Melancholy.

    if you like cinema, if you like to experience new stuff, oh boy "afterthought" is the movie for you.

  • ★★★½ review by Roy Shtayim on Letterboxd


    It's always gratifying to find a good Israeli film- as there are many, MANY awful ones. Hayored Lemala (the English translation is awful, even though it is hard to translate the Hebrew title) joins Jellyfish, Next to Her and Big Bad Wolves in the list of essential Israeli films I've seen yet.

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