Play It Forward

Directed by Andrea Nevins and Andrea Blaugrund

Starring Tony Gonzalez

An intimate portrait of All-American NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, renowned for his sure hand and intrepid heart, and his older brother, and wingman, Chris. Take a seat at the Sunday night dinner table of the Gonzalez family and experience their pride, love, and resilience, as they speak candidly about how they overcame disappointment, and supported each other through tragedies on the winding journey to fulfilling their ambitions.


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  • ★★★★ review by Logan on Letterboxd

    Wonderful story about a great guy and his family.

  • ★★★½ review by Jason Bailey on Letterboxd

    Director Andrea Nevins tells the warm, intimate, and surprisingly powerful story of brothers Chris and Tony Gonzalez. Tony was one of the best tight ends in NFL history, and Chris was the older brother who taught him the game (and harbored dreams of football fame himself). Nevins follows the siblings during what might be Tony’s last season, one spent pursuing the Super Bowl shot that’s always eluded him; at the same time, Chris is attempting to pass an EMT exam that might finally set him on the road to his own life, career, and identity. By the time Chris makes the playoffs, the emotional stakes are so high that the game really matters (and Nevins’ cameras spend more time trained on the faces of his family than the field). It’s a slim film (an hour and change), but by its end, you really feel as though you’ve come to know this family — taking pride in their successes, sharing in their disappointments.

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