Loitering with Intent

Fledgling screenwriters retreat to a quiet country manor to work on their script, but a constellation of needy characters produces constant interruptions.


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  • ★★★½ review by Emily on Letterboxd

    Locked in a house I asked you to run away with me, four am, no destination, you laughed in my face

    Alone & desperate I let the sea kiss my lips below the waves I meet an old friend Jeremy's celestial magnificence surrounded me colors moving back & forth through every strand of my hair

    When I resurfaced I cut it all off, dyed it black, put makeup over all my scars, & began living again, but differently

    Now I can barely remember who I was then, who I am now, I can no longer picture myself in my head, my voice a foreign sound, my laugh unheard of for forty days or more

    In a dark theater, I watch a documentary on Ingmar Bergman, back at film forum once more, he tells me he takes a walk every morning to get rid of his demons no matter how long I run I can't seem to shake mine

  • ★★★½ review by DonJohn80 on Letterboxd

    While it ends somewhat abruptly I feel like inertia lets your mind take it to it's conclusion. Rockwell and Tomei do a great job despite limited screen time and characters it's difficult to like. I enjoyed the two main characters; they're both fairly stock characters in these types of films, but the actors pull it off.

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