Celebrated European actor Sophie Bernard is in Montreal shooting a movie, and she's taking the opportunity to visit her son Thomas in the hope of bridging the rift that's grown between them. But Thomas has his own agenda for their time together; he intends to finally get some answers as to the identity of his father. Meanwhile, at Ville-Marie Hospital, paramedic Pierre struggles with PTSD, and though he has support in Marie, a nurse who keeps the overflowing emergency room running, it's uncertain whether he'll remain able to cope with the high intensity of his work. Each of these four characters is dealing with emotional damage — and on one dark Montreal night, their lives will all intersect in a fateful occurrence at Ville-Marie.


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  • ★★★★ review by Jared Mobarak on Letterboxd

    my review

  • ★★★★½ review by Tim Boester on Letterboxd

    This jumps right out of the gate with high drama and does not let up the whole way through. The film begins with a horrific accident, but then follows two separate paths: a bystander, which introduces us to his actress mother (Monica Bellucci) and her director husband, and the ambulance crew, which leads us to some of the hospital staff. As we kept alternating between story lines, I knew they would be brought back together again, which of course they are through more calamity. The storytelling gives us just enough detail to help fill in the lives of everyone involved without handholding us through the details of every tragedy. And there is a lot of tragedy here.

  • ★★★★½ review by Kamran Ahmed on Letterboxd

    An exceptionally well structured, scripted, and directed three-part story of tragedy and interconnection with a humanist focus.

    86/100 - Excellent.

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