A Bad Idea Gone Wrong

Two would-be thieves forge a surprising relationship with an unexpected housesitter when they accidentally trap themselves in a house they just broke into.


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  • ★★★½ review by SnowboardJunkie on Letterboxd

    All you need to know is in the title. Two bumbling idiots decide to rob some people, one with a motive of pure ridiculousness. But hey, that’s how these comedies get created out of nothing. It’s a surprisingly charming creation that probably shouldn’t work as well as it does. Especially as we wade through the opening act listening to the two leads sputter out script fragments for the sake of set up. But they start to grow on you as the few well timed curveballs get thrown in. And it becomes an awkwardly funny film with some sweet moments to invest ourselves in the characters and root for the survival of there own idiocy and closing circumstances.

  • ★★★★ review by kwang on Letterboxd

    DIFF #2

    Badger from Breaking Bad gets a starring role! This was my favorite screening at the Dallas International Film Festival. The film follows two average Joes who break into a supposedly empty house in order to perform a heist, intentions unbeknownst to the audience. Unfortunately, they accidentally set the house alarm while inside, trapping themselves in. Meanwhile, they discover another non-resident in the house, a woman who has other motives for why she is inside.

    This is great independent filmmaking all-around. The concentration here is placed on character development and script, which works well most of the time. The chemistry amongst the leads is fun and likeable. Newcomer Eleanore Pienta steals the movie as the young woman discovered inside the house, with a level of charisma and attraction that works well in her role. Overall, this is a fun and pleasant independent film that aims to please with its dialogue and situational comedy.

  • ★★★½ review by mukarjee on Letterboxd

    A good idea gone right.

    I don't laugh much.. perhaps a snigger at a clever pun, maybe a chuckle

    at an hilarious punch line .

    But... I actually laughed out loud ( I was by myself ) several times while watching this.

    It's funny. I recommend it.

  • ★★★½ review by Amor Asad on Letterboxd

    A slapstick comedy that doesn't get serious at any point. Two guys break into a luxurious home with an intention to rob the place while the residents are away. However, their notion of robbing is more of an idea, a vessel to get away with rather than a mean to personal gain. So things don't change drastically when they get trapped inside the house, with a stranger.

    They are common people playing robbers, hence the atmosphere remains casual throughout the film. It doesn't try to be intense, nor it should be and that works for it.

  • ★★★★½ review by Jeff Widman on Letterboxd

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