From the Dark

The story centers on a young couple on a road trip through the Irish countryside who encounter an ancient force of evil.


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  • ★★★½ review by mrkristopher on Letterboxd

    To a lot of people I imagine the vampire in this is going to seem kinda lame. I liked it, but it's much weaker vulnerable creature than what we're used to seeing. The movie has a lot of minor issues, but I really appreciate what they were trying to do here.

  • ★★★½ review by Rick D on Letterboxd

    A creepy monster flick set in Ireland. I really enjoyed how intense the movie was. The movie had some great landscape shots combined with some claustrophobic shots. Niamh Algar was wonderful in the lead. A slow movie even during the suspenseful parts. The creature is seen mostly in the shadows but is extremely creepy. Limited dialog which is nice. I really liked the ending.

  • ★★★½ review by Bryan Espitia on Letterboxd

    Needed more Becky Lynch

  • ★★★★★ review by mosquitodragon on Letterboxd

    OK, I guess this is where personal predilection comes into it, but this is my kind of movie. I love it when an indie film-maker can take a shoestring budget, a handful of actors and a tiny location and make something incredible out of it.

    Some folks will watch this and dismiss it as a couple of people being chased around a farmhouse for 90 minutes by a guy in a vampire costume. But for me, the fascination is with how McMahon takes a simple conceit like the inability for the vampire to tolerate any kind of light and use it to craft scene after scene of terrifying suspense.

    I also love the elegant way he turns this couple into sympathetic characters - the whole subject of a possible proposal goes from a simple scene of moderate humour into a moment of real pathos.

    There is no exposition - just that opening scene of the farmer digging peat and awakening this ancient being - we are all steeped enough in medieval folklore that we can speculate the origins ourselves, and it's somehow instantly credible.

    Finally, this film is genuinely frightening and tense - something I always value highly. I watch films wanting and hoping to be frightened but very rarely get to experience that.

    Awesome stuff - it's on Amazon Prime streaming, so I would highly recommend it to any fan of horror or vampire movies.

  • ★★★½ review by cblaze on Letterboxd

    A well made creature feature that will give you the chills when you hear a bump in the night. There's not exactly much to the plot - it's just an escalating situation filled with building terror. It played with shadows and the full depth of field at times which was a lot of fun - and at other times the camera did unnecessary shaking which felt distracting. I also really enjoyed the building tension - and the path in which the film took - yet there were a couple of happy coincidences that left me a bit cold. I really liked the actors and the effects - this film is a success - worth checking out!

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